This course introduces hydraulic system, hydraulic components, hydraulic system design, pneumatics system, pneumatic components, pneumatic system design, electro fluid power system and its design, as well as programmable logic controller (PLC) and its design. The hydraulic section will covers on introductory of fluid power, hydraulic systems and components, as well as basic fluid-related measurements. This course also introduces the hydraulic circuit design, including electro-hydraulics circuit. In the pneumatics section, students will be able to calculate pneumatic problems using basic gas laws, as well as explain the pneumatic systems and components. For the pneumatic circuit design section, students will be able to design and analyze basic and multiple pneumatic circuits as well as electro-pneumatic circuits. Lastly, in the programmable logic control section, students will learn to explain the components of Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and will be able to design, analyze and integrate basic and repeated sequence of ladder diagram with hydraulic components.

By the end of semester, students should be able to:

CO1:       Explain and apply basic hydraulic system knowledge

CO2:       Explain and apply basic pneumatic system knowledge

CO3:       Design and analyze electro fluid power system with electro components

CO4:       Design and analyze hydraulic and pneumatic system using Programmable Logic Controller

CO5:      Apply related software and equipment to simulate and setting up hydraulic and pneumatic system