The aims of this course are the study of the behavior of engineering or structural elements subjected to loads. It is provides an introduction on elastic stress and strain analysis, axial deformations and analysis of column. Thus, properties and behavior of engineering materials including stress-strain relations.This course also deals with the analysis of direct and torsional shear stresses and their deformation; shear force and bending moment of beam also the stresses in beams; transformations  of  stresses.


By the end of this course, students will have the ability to:

1.Identify and analyze the state of stresses, strains and deformation response of elastic solids in the external loading and axially loadassemblies and describe and determine the mechanical behavior of materials under load.

2.Illustrate and analyze the shear-moment diagrams accordingly calculate the bending and shear stress in determinate beams.

3.Identify and solve the principal stresses and angles in plane cases using analytical method and Mohr's circle.

4.Identify and calculatethe stresses, deformation and twist of angle of a torsional bar.

5.Apply  the Euler formula to determine the magnitude of the critical load of buckling column