This course introduces the parallel/serial interfacing techniques between PC and external circuit built with the components such as LEDs, motors (DC/stepper), thermometer etc. using C/C++ programming language. Besides the advanced level of programming techniques such as pointers, dynamic memory allocation (DMA), data structures (links, stacks, and queues), dynamic link library (DLL), and graphical user interface (GUI) are also taught to fit the purpose. In the end the students have to apply all of them in a mechatronics engineering project 

By the end of semester, students should be able to:

 CO 01:     develop a software using pointers,  dynamic variables, data structures and classes

 CO 02:     develop Graphical User Interface (GUI) for a mechatronics project

 CO 03:     design to integrate the software with electrical devices/components

 CO 04:     develop a mechatronics project using intermediate level of C/C++ programming, GUI and hardware integration