This course presents the C programming language for electrical & electronic engineer. The contents emphasis not only on the theoretical knowledge of programming but also the practical implementation in real-life situation. Students will learn basic structure of computer programming and exposed to method for basic hardware-software interfacing.

Course Outcomes

At the end of this course student should be able to:

CO 01:   Identify the basic principles and concept of computer programming to solve the basic problem with utilization the knowledge of mathematics & sciences.(C2)

CO 02:   Apply structure programming technique and develop a computer program using high level programming language to solve a problem.(C3)

CO 03:  Construct complete interface programs that can be   operate the hardware to control specific applications. (C3)

CO 04:  Demonstrate a solution using computer programming techniques and tools for solving engineering problems.(P)

CO 05:  Work in a team effectively as a leader or team member.(A)